Hospitality Trends 2017

Hotels need to look beyond the boundaries of their own industry to take stock of what’s happening, not only in travel, but the greater world beyond it.

Hospitality Trends 2017:

1. CO-EVERYTHING, more emphasis an investment on communal areas, as well as on spaces and experiences that bring people together.

2. GOOD DESIGN GOES MAINSTREAM, our guests are going to expect it to look good, and feel good.

3. EXPERIENCES BEYOND THE HOTEL, a much more holistic approach to overall guest experience.

4. CONCEPTS OF LOYALTY NEED TO EVOLVE, it stands today is entering an age of awkward adolescence, the result of multiple consolidations and changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

5. HOSPITALITY WILL REDISCOVER ITS ROOTS, the real disruption and innovation in hospitality doesn’t lie in technology or constructing great spaces. It’s about the service, and the people delivering it.

6. “LOCAL” WILL REGAIN ITS MEANING, hotels will begin reclaiming the role they once had as community centers, only this time they’ll have evolved to solve challenges unique to modern times.

7. LUXURY THAT’S LEANER AND SMARTER, experience is winning out over the material when it comes to the kind of luxury that consumers prefer.

8. THE SMART HOTEL EMERGES, we can expect more on-demand technologies to find their way into hotels in 2017.

9. EXPECT EVEN MORE BRANDS TO EMERGE, BOTH NEW AND FAMILIAR, whether it’s a company involved in fashion or decorating or design, these are not alien to hotels. It’s easy for consumers to see why they think they might be appropriate as hotels, too.

10. DATA INTERPRETATION IS THE ULTIMATE INTELLIGENCE, the need to get really smart around data science. It helps us personalize choices.


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