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Re-design the experience

Objective: To analize a new scenario 4.0 in which the persona and the business have changed and more agility and adaptability in organizations are needed to meet the challenge of this new client-person: a devourer of experiences, ultra-informed and digitized, with a need of personalization above all.

Trends and new business models

Objective: To carry out a complete exercise of analisis on the importance of differentiating between ephemeral fads and trends deep transformation to anticipate, generate and control competitive advantages.

Strategic thinking for business strategy

Objective: To awaken a global strategic thinking and analysis capacity to identify the blocks of success on which a sustainable and happy business should be built and recognize opportunities to design or re-design differentiated model/s

Extraordinary opportunities

Objective: Understand the commitment to value of innovation against competition and pricing war, levering the inspiration of other industries to develop a divergent curve from differentiation, reducing and eliminating the obsolete and increasing and creating a new value.

Point 0: Design, build and lead a competitive mission

Objective: Learn how to build a mission and corporate culture under the motto “don’t run a family, build a team” from creating a Personas culture that integrate diverse teams, and the importance of allocating resources where and when necessary, working AGILE and bringing it all to execution

Ladies & Gentleman: Excellence in customer service

Objetivo: To stimulate, based on the analysis of Ritz’s great achievements –, the innovative and pioneer father of modern hospitality – the sense of customer service and exquisite attention. Through a review of Ritz’s professional biography, we discover how in our industry the customer is the center of everything, and how Ritz was able to turn customer service into an exquisite concept.

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Keynotes for Restaurants

Trends: Digital, people and new business models

Objective: To evaluate Horeca commitment to DT (Digital Transformation) and H2H (HUMAN to HUMAN) to place the CX (Customer Experience) at the center of everything to fall in love and loyalty effectively and differentiated from the competition, as well as to know the new trends of Business models.

Front of the House Marketing

Objective: To enhance your Front of the House Marketing through the latest techniques and tools that will allow you incorporate specific Marketing into the general Marketing strategy of your restaurant, and that begins by Designing the Global Experience, then analyzing the Room and its potential and, finally, plan the specific Marketing.

Digital Strategy: #ConnectedRestaurants

Objective: To understand digital transformation as an organizational priority to improve security in decision making and better profitability, as well as experience performance.

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Mapping Opportunities - Strategic Management

Objective: Carry out a personalized exercise of strategic analysis to describe, design, challenge and pivot the business model, providing a detailed breakdown of the main considerations impacting the business and allows to draw the foundations of a strategic roadmap.

Restaurant Menu Design

Objective: To carry out a Menu Design exercise in which the menu is analyzed from the perspective of the latest trends from a strategic perspective with #menuengineering and #neuromarketing tools for a better customer experience and greater profitability.

Re-design the experience

Objective: To evaluate a new scenario 4.0 where client-personas and businesses have changed and more agility and adaptability are needed to meet the challenge of this new client-person: a devourer of experiences, ultra-informed and digitized…rating rate personalization above all.

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