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Our focus has to be the generation of experience. We are a pioneer sector in the experience

Eva Ballarin – Executive Masterclass Ostelea (Redesigning the tourist experience)

The future of the sector, of your company, goes through a redefinition in a responsible, sustainable and empathetic key, with the focus on the client and, especially, on the generation of experiences. You have read it more times in this blog and I extended the concept in my Executive Masterclass of Ostelea about redesigning the tourist experience (also the gastronomic one): the client does not choose a restaurant of your organization with the objective of eating. Does not choose one of your hotels thinking about sleeping. Does not look for a dish or a bed.

The client seeks to live an experience and that’s the future of the sector. To innovate to generate experiences and the experience of the client as a starting point for a consistent strategy of innovation.

The experience that we create must be our great competitive advantage in a market saturated with offers and options. But the experience also runs out.

No matter how good a customer experience is, very defined and tightly adjusted to what the client is looking for, it will end up being exhausted. And it will be necessary to redesign, starting from the base.

That’s what I’m going to talk about today: how to redefine the customer experience in your Horeca company through a Strategic Plan inspired by three trends with innovation and customer experience as a common motive.

Hello, Big Data

If you thought that in customer experience you were going to get rid of Big Data, it is still not clear to you that Big Data is one of the most powerful tools that your company has at hand to know your client and design the experience. of your customer offer, as well as to redesign it as many times as necessary.

According to a SMB Group report, 18% of small businesses and 57% of medium-sized businesses Horeca are investing in Big Data. Changes, promotions, personalization and even the design of Horeca establishments of all kinds are influenced by the information extracted from Big Data.

Design as soon as possible a strategy focused on the measurement and analysis of Big Data. Implement the right platforms and tools that help your company ensure that the data becomes ideas that can support the business objectives of the same. Check your Big Data periodically, from the perspective of the customer experience.

Be mobile, my friend

If there is a trend that has come to revolutionize, from the foundations to the tip, the Horeca sector as a whole, is digital. And, within the digital one, the use of the mobile phone marks practically all the relations between the client and the sector.

The customer seeks a mobile experience when choosing a restaurant, when booking a hotel, when buying tickets for a show, when looking at a letter, when placing an order … even when paying. This is revealed by an interesting study by Deloitte, which concludes that 50% of users who wish to pay their Horeca transactions by telephone would prefer to do so through a mobile application.

The trend marks the way forward. Adapt the customer experience to digitalization and the mobile universe by implementing self-service kiosks in your restaurants (as do the two large fast food chains present in our country: McDonald’s and Burger King, for example). Strengthens the mobile experience through an updated, responsive website with a good reservation system and self-consumption. Implement payment systems through mobile or mobile applications,

Put in place a coherent and consistent customer experience strategy that can be easily implemented in all the locations and service channels of your organization and offers the client a homogeneous experience in the global relationship with your company.

Customer Experience (internal)

The staff of your company is your best ambassador. The link between the experience of the client and the experience of the internal client (or, what is the same, the employee) is increasingly evident to the owners of Horeca companies around the world, especially because, according to a study by the Temkin Group , companies with better customer experience (and better valued for this fact) have more committed employees than their competitors. Employees at the service of the customer experience.

Happy and committed employees are more likely to offer a great experience to customers. Improve the customer experience in your company through an internal customer experience strategy that fosters a learning, exchange and growth environment.

Redesign the customer experience through the redesign of the treatment and consideration received by the staff in your corporation. Establish strategies for training and empowerment of your staff, so that they are capable of managing any situation related to the client in your company and can participate proactively in the development of the customer experience. Listen to what your staff has to say about customer experience and take into account their contributions to improve your company.

Treating your employees as you want them to treat your client is a good way to redefine the positive customer experience and achieve more engagement of your staff with the company and with the customer’s own experience.

One last note very important:

It is impossible to redesign the experience if you do not know the client. You cannot manage by excel. The corporate culture should be organized around the customer experience. Because Your Business, your company, is Your Customer.

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